Eat well to live well in the New Year

The first month of the New Year brings with it the people pledging to do things differently or start a new beginning. A clean slate to kick start those goals all of us wish to accomplish; getting fit, new career, new relationships etc.

Australia is fast becoming one of the fattest developed countries in the world and in a similar skew, the oral condition of the average Australian is closely related. It seems as though that the unhealthy choices we make as a nation in regards to our diet have an equally negative affect on our teeth as much as it does on our waistline.

Here at Access Dental Care in Perth, we know a healthy diet is a major component of good oral health which is why we encourage choosing healthy options at the supermarket and when eating out. If we can do this – we can conquer obesity and dental disease simultaneously.

The following foods are ones that we have specially selected to keep both your body and your teeth in tip-top shape:


Contrary to belief, tea and coffee are good for the health of your teeth! They both contain compounds that slow down the growth of bacteria that grow on the food particles left in your mouth that turn into plaque. Tea and coffee have been known to reduce the size and stickiness of plaque, which helps reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.
What’s more is that the coffee and tea can control the production of the compounds that produce bad breath. However it is important to note that over indulgence can cause your teeth to stain.


Studies have shown that the consumption of cheese is more beneficial to your oral health over its other dairy cousins; Milk and Yoghurt (sugar free). The research shows that the cheese performs better to reduce the acidity in your mouth which helps to strengthen your enamel.

Cheese can neutralize plaque acid in your mouth whereas the milk and yoghurt did next to nothing to control the PH levels.


Don’t hate dried fruits! Although they are a sweet, raisins do not contain sucrose or table sugar. These sugars act as glue for harmful bacteria, helping the bacteria stick to your teeth which cause plaque. Another added benefit of the dried grape, also known as a sultana, is that it contains phytochemicals which can kill the bacteria that cause cavities.


Eating a carrot or an apple requires an increased level of chewing when compared to a banana or avocado. The harder substances can wipe clean the plaque from your teeth when biting and chewing, acting like a cleansing mechanism.


Acidic food and drink can wear your teeth away by eating at the enamel. Acid causes tiny lesions in the surface of your teeth, exposing them to decay. Foods such as leafy greens, meat, eggs are high in vitamins such as calcium and phosphorate which help redeposit the minerals back into those lesions.


After you eat a meal, food particles get lodged in between and on your teeth. If left unremoved, they cause bacteria to grow which causes plaque. Sugar free gum is a great way to not only physically dis-lodge those food particles but it promotes saliva production which fights bacteria.

So the next time you go to reach for those starchy chips or sugary sweets, think about the effect that it has on both your waist and your teeth! If you would like to know more about the effect that food has on your teeth and how you can improve your habits, contact us for an appointment.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

We always:

  • Promote prevention – we encourage good oral health care habits and routines to prevent the onset of tooth decay and oral diseases.
  • Offer the highest level of care to ensure you receive the most effective and sustainable dental treatments for you and your lifestyle.
  • Provide safe and comfortable dental treatments by utilising the best dental technologies and the most advanced treatment methods.
  • Explain recommended treatments to ensure you understand your options so you can make the most informed decision for your health.